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Using advanced filter media innovations, WIX offers a full line of high-efficiency cabin air filters for passenger cars, light trucks, heavy trucks and buses, and off-highway vehicles. Unique to WIX, our automotive cabin air filters feature the additional benefit of Bio Shield (R) 75.

Bio Shield (R) 75:

  • Traps and eliminates harmful microbes in the filter media.
  • Reduces the opportunity for those microbes to be released into the passenger compartment.
  • Has invisible micro biostatic coating that becomes part of the filter fiber, polymerizing and standing up like microscopic spikes - 1,000 spikes of protection per the width of a hair - that pierce the cell walls of microbes, virtually eliminating them. Other cabin air filter enhancements, such as charcoal or baking soda, simply absorb odors.
  • Effectively inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, algae and bacteria.
  • Protects against deterioration, discoloration and odor.

Inner Diameter TopClosed
StyleCabin Air Panel
Part Number24117
Line CodeWIX
TerminologyCabin Air Filter
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