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1 qt Engine Oil

Engines In Vehicles 2012 & Newer Are Built Smaller & More Efficient Than Ever. Which Means They Run Hotter, & Are Susceptible To Developing Fuel & Oil Related Carbon Build-Up That Could Lead To Power & Fuel Economy Loss, Knocking & Breakdown.

  • Formulated To Fight Carbon Build-Up In GDI, Turbo & Other Newer Engines
  • Exceeds Industry Standards For Protection Against Carbon Build-Up, Wear, Sludge & Extreme Temperatures
  • Outstanding Protection Against Knocking & Catastrophic Engine Failure Caused By Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI)
  • Exceptional Protection Against Oil Oxidation & Viscosity Breakdown That Helps Extend Engine Life
Motor Oil Grade5W30
Part Number882228
Line CodeVAL
TerminologyEngine Oil
Size1 qt
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