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1 gal Engine Coolant / Antifreeze

Provides long life protection for new Ford and DaimlerChrysler vehicles. Zerex G-05 is the original full chemistry in newer Ford & Daimler Chrysler vehicles. Its Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) chemistry combines the best of conventional and organic acid-based chemistry to provide the ultimate protection against rust and corrosion.

For convenience and protection, try Zerex G-05 Ready To Use. Zerex G-05 Ready To Use combines the excellent temperature and corrosion protection of Zerex G-05 with de-mineralized water to help reduce the risk of cooling system deposits. The 50/50 mixture provides protection down to -34°F.

  • Protection for up to 5 years / 150,000 miles
  • Approved by Ford and DaimlerChrysler for use in automotive and diesel engines.
  • Utilizes hybrid organic acid technology to minimize inhibitor depletion
  • Low-silicate, low-pH and phosphate-free formula
  • Provides protection against liner pitting and corrosion
  • Helps prevent rust and corrosion
  • Helps prevent hot weather boil-overs and cold weather freeze-ups
  • Protects all cooling system metals, including aluminum
Part NumberZXG05RU1
Line CodeVAL
TerminologyEngine Coolant / Antifreeze
Size1 gal
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