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Features exclusive tint technology. Black is the ultimate color statement for your vehicle. No other color makes vehicles look more luxurious, intimidating, mysterious, even sexy. The finish experts at Turtle Wax® have developed the Black Box® finish kit - a collection of high-performing products to help you restore and maintain your vehicle’s original deep, rich, wet, black shine without leaving any white powdery residue. The Black Box® finish kit revitalizes, brightens and deepens dull, faded black and dark grey paint, replenishing lost color and shine to like new condition.

Each kit includes:
  • One 12 fl. oz. Pre-wax cleaner and conditioner
  • One 12 fl. oz. Deep black carnauba wax
  • Two 12 fl. oz. each Black spray detailers
  • Two applicators
  • See box for full instructions
BrandTurtle Wax
Part NumberT3KT
Line CodeTUW
TerminologyDetail Cleaning Kit
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