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5.25 oz Fuel Additive

IMPROVES QUALITY OF GAS - Use regularly when you fill up!

Improves quality of gas by adding powerful cleaning agents to help fight accumulation of harmful carbon, gum and varnish deposits in the fuel system that can reduce performance. Also engineered to remove water, which can lead to fuel line freeze. This product is made with jet fuel, a high quality carrier of active ingredients. This product is safe for all gasoline engines.

STP Gas Treatment Used Regularly Helps:
  • Boost cleaning performance of gas
  • Save gas by keeping fuel intake system clean
  • Fight fuel line freeze by removing water
Concentrated Bottle Benefits:
  • Still treats up to 21 gallons (same as 12 oz. bottle)
  • Tapered neck and small shoulders enable a snug fit into most gas tank openings
  • 2x concentrated bottles have the same amount of powerful active ingredients as traditional 12 oz. bottle
  • Ergonomic grips make it easier to hold and use with no spills
  • Smaller footprint means smarter storage, better portability and less waste
Dispensing TypePour
Case Quantity12
Size5.25 oz
Part Number78573
Line CodeCEM
TerminologyFuel Additive
Size5.25 oz
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