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2.5 gal Fuel Additive

Power Service Diesel Kleen® +Cetane Boost® is the premier “performance” product on the market. Diesel Kleen is loaded with cetane, detergency and lubricity additives to keep your diesel engine running at peak performance.
  • Boosts cetane up to 6 numbers – engines run smoother with less power lag, reduced emissions and easier cold starts
  • Cleans dirty fuel injectors – exceeds engine manufacturer’s specifications
  • Reduces exhaust emissions up to 50 percent
  • Boosts power – reduces need for downshifting
  • Decreases fuel consumption up to 8 percent – fuel savings exceed cost of additive
  • Contains Slickdiesel® for maximum fuel lubrication – protects against Low and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) wear
  • Prevents thermal breakdown of diesel fuel
  • Prevents corrosion of fuel system components
  • Stabilizes fuel stored for long periods – protects against conditions that promote microbial growth
  • Does not contain alcohol of any kind
  • Does not affect sulfur content of diesel fuel
  • Concentrated +Cetane Boost® Formula - 1:1,500 Treatment Ratio - treats up to 7,500 Gallons
Dispensing TypePour
BrandPower Service
Part Number03850-02
Line CodePSS
TerminologyFuel Additive
Size2.5 gal
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