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The Deka Gold battery series features Deka's exclusive Power-Perform® Plate technology, delivering high quality and reliable performance.


  • Premium starting and reserve power
  • Power-Perform™ plates with full-frames prevent shorts and maximize energy storage and delivery
  • Fortified posts, straps, and welds resist vibration damage, maximize current transfer
  • Flush cover design enhances overall battery performance, maintenance, safety, and convenience
  • Includes Handle
  • Flush Manifold Vented Cover

All Deka batteries are made with the most advanced computerized equipment in order to make the very best product. These batteries undergo stringent testing and quality control checks to ensure dependability. All internal components are made from the finest raw material resources. These raw materials are tested by the latest equipment for purity, quality, and performance.

A3 Advanced-Cubed technological features have been incorporated throughout the entire battery design to deliver trusted reliability, longevity, and performance beyond expectation.

Cranking Amperage480
BCI Group Size67R
Reserve Capacity65
Cold Cranking Amperage390
Battery Dimension8-1/4"L x 6-7/8"W x 6-7/8"H
Part Number667RMF
Line CodeDEK
TerminologyVehicle Battery
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