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20 oz Fuel Additive

Exclusive Synthetic Formula. Whether protecting your new valuable investment, restoring your used car to its original performance, or simply keeping your engine as clean as it can be, Techron Concentrate Plus delivers a number of unsurpassed benefits and one unique benefit - the ability to eliminate faulty fuel gauge readings. Techron Concentrate Plus can help:


  • Fuel efficiency
  • Operation of broken fuel gauge sensors
  • Lost power and improve drivability


  • Sulfur corrosion from fuel gauge sensors
  • Combustion chambers, intake valves, and ports


  • Engine knocks and pings, spark plug fouling and cold start issues
  • Harmful sulfur components from attacking sensitive electronic fuel sending units


  • Fuel gauge from malfunctioning by coating all metal surfaces of the car's fuel system.
Dispensing TypePour
Part Number65740
Line CodeCEM
TerminologyFuel Additive
Size20 oz
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