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32 oz Power Steering Fluid

AT-224 is a highly specified, premium synthetic power steering fluid for all applications. Perfect for all uses; from increasing efficiency and life of the power steering system in a daily driver, to specialty, severe-duty and high performance applications. This fully synthetic, highly shear stable and oxidation/corrosion resistant fluid is suitable for use even in high end European systems specifying CHF fluids, or as an upgrade to any Domestic, Import or European car or truck (although compatible with base mineral power steering fluids, a full flush is recommended to maximize performance benefits).
  • Synthetic power steering formulated for all power steering systems (including specialty CHF / European applications)
  • Severe duty and high temperature protection due to a high shear stability and film strength
  • Extreme cold temperature fluidity, flows and lubricates down to -58 degree Fahrenheit
Original Equipment ReplacementNo
Dispensing TypePour
Part NumberAT224
Line CodeATP
TerminologyPower Steering Fluid
Size32 oz
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